1999-09-22 ago added thms_containing;
1999-09-01 ago isar: avoid verbose goal responses;
1999-08-24 ago print_mode activated again;
1999-08-19 ago disabled print_mode (tmp);
1999-08-18 ago isa_action: don't lock pretend_used files;
1999-08-17 ago Goals.reset_goals;
1999-08-16 ago tuned prompts;
1999-08-06 ago made SML happy;
1999-08-06 ago proper ProofGeneral/isa setup;
1999-07-27 ago setup_thy_loader;
1999-07-16 ago adapted to dest_keywords, dest_parsers;
1999-07-09 ago write_keywords: default file name;
1999-06-30 ago Isar.sync_main;
1999-05-25 ago fixed cvs Id;
1999-05-24 ago write_keywords generates outer syntax keyword classification in elisp;
1999-05-21 ago Configuration for ProofGeneral of LFCS Edinburgh.