2012-03-25 ago merged fork with new numeral representation (see NEWS)
2012-01-03 ago tuned import
2011-09-21 ago reintroduced Minipick as Nitpick example
2011-05-24 ago use \<emdash> rather than \<midarrow>
2011-04-04 ago raised timeouts further, for SML/NJ -- because of variations in machines/compilers, fixed timeouts can merely prevent non-termination, not enforce particular performance characteristics.
2010-12-19 ago added a timestamp to Nitpick in verbose mode for debugging purposes;
2010-11-03 ago standardize on seconds for Nitpick and Sledgehammer timeouts
2010-09-14 ago adapt examples to latest Nitpick changes + speed them up a little bit
2010-08-03 ago speed up Nitpick examples a little bit
2010-06-21 ago adjusted Nitpick examples to latest changes + make them slightly faster
2010-03-10 ago fixed soundness bug in Nitpick
2010-02-09 ago optimization to quantifiers in Nitpick's handling of simp rules + renamed some SAT solvers
2010-02-05 ago added hotel key card example for Nitpick, and renumber atoms in Nitpick's output for increased readability
2009-12-18 ago polished Nitpick's binary integer support etc.;