2012-08-19 ago tuned message;
2011-03-26 ago suppress Mercurial backup files;
2011-03-23 ago list Isabelle tools via perl script, which is much faster that bash plumbing, especially on Cygwin;
2009-11-28 ago proper quoting of array expansion -- allow spaces in components;
2009-08-22 ago function splitarray: splightly more abstract version that accomodates older bashes;
2009-08-04 ago change IFS only locally -- thanks to bash arrays;
2008-12-01 ago proper check of ISABELLE_TOOLS directories;
2008-10-04 ago tuned isabelle usage;
2008-10-04 ago simplified main Isabelle executables: removed Isabelle and isabelle (replaced by isabelle-process), renamed isatool to isabelle;
2005-05-17 ago proper treatment of directory links;
2005-04-27 ago make symlink handling compatible with whitespaces
2005-04-26 ago improved handling of symlinks;
2005-04-20 ago removed redundant readlink call
2005-04-20 ago Allow symlinks to shell scripts
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2001-09-25 ago tuned;
2001-09-08 ago smart selection of isabelle-process versus isabelle-interface;
2001-01-16 ago -f option;
2000-12-04 ago proper order of modes;
2000-11-30 ago /usr/bin/env bash;
2000-11-22 ago tuned;
2000-09-28 ago option -C;
2000-09-15 ago tuned msg;
2000-09-15 ago -P option;
2000-09-01 ago GPLed;
2000-03-08 ago option -c: tell ML system to compress output image;
1999-10-20 ago tuned usage;
1999-02-18 ago fixed order of multiple -m options;
1998-11-24 ago Isar.main();
1998-11-09 ago option -I: startup Isar interaction mode;
1998-01-08 ago tuned;
1998-01-05 ago added -u option (again);
1997-12-03 ago pass return code!!
1997-12-01 ago ISABELLE_TMP;
1997-07-07 ago added -w option;
1997-05-15 ago fixed bash path!!!
1997-05-14 ago renamed DEFAULT_LOGIC to ISABELLE_LOGIC;
1997-05-14 ago removed -u option;
1997-05-06 ago fixed ISABELLE_OUTPUT, ISABELLE_PATH (finally?);
1997-04-25 ago removed -c option;
1997-04-22 ago removed -norc;
1997-04-17 ago eliminated PLATFORM;
1997-04-11 ago fixed { ... } shell syntax to accomodate bash 2.x;
1997-03-07 ago renamed SYSTEM to RAW_ML_SYSTEM;
1997-03-06 ago even more robust and user friendly invocation (no longer requieres
1997-03-03 ago fixed -m order;
1997-02-28 ago more robust handling of invocation errors;
1997-02-06 ago removed getplatform;
1996-12-16 ago now fails if getsettings not found;
1996-12-09 ago added -norc option;
1996-12-04 ago improved 'not found' messages;
1996-12-02 ago isabelle: Basic Isabelle startup script.