24 months ago ago command 'interpret' no longer exposes resulting theorems as literal facts;
2018-02-16 ago strengthen filter relator to canonical categorical definition with better properties
2018-02-10 ago NEWS;
2018-01-28 ago avoid concrete (anti)mono in theorem names since it could be the other way round
2018-01-26 ago redundant;
2018-01-25 ago old-style inner comments are legacy;
2018-01-16 ago more documentation;
2018-01-16 ago discontinued old form of marginal comments;
2018-01-14 ago more specific tool "isabelle update_comments", for uniformity with formal comments in embedded languages;
2018-01-13 ago added glyph from "Deja Vu Sans Mono" font;
2018-01-13 ago tuned;
2018-01-13 ago added \<^cancel> operator for unused text;
2018-01-10 ago typo
2018-01-10 ago tuned
2018-01-10 ago Manual updates towards conversion of "op" syntax
2018-01-09 ago more accurate spell-checking for nested quotations / antiquotations, notably in formal comments;
2018-01-08 ago theory Pure is default presentation context;
2018-01-07 ago clarified NEWS;
2018-01-07 ago output token content with formal comments and antiquotations;
2018-01-06 ago inner syntax comments may be written as "\<comment> \<open>text\<close>";
2018-01-05 ago Renamed (^) to [^] in preparation of the move from "op X" to (X)
2018-01-03 ago updated NEWS
2018-01-01 ago more completion templates;
2017-12-30 ago more robust hyphen (see also "Soft hyphen (SHY) – a hard problem?";
2017-12-30 ago more robust treatment of conflicts with existing Unicode text;
2017-12-30 ago tuned whitespace;
2017-12-29 ago formal check of @{cite} bibtex entries -- only in batch-mode session builds;
2017-12-28 ago NEWS;
2017-12-22 ago tuned;
2017-12-22 ago discontinued 'display_drafts' command;
2017-12-22 ago action "isabelle.draft" for plain-text preview;
2017-12-22 ago NEWS;
2017-12-21 ago isabelle.preview presents bibtex database files as well;
2017-12-21 ago isabelle.preview presents auxiliary text files as well;
2017-12-18 ago a conditional paramitrecity prover
2017-12-16 ago tuned;
2017-12-16 ago added document antiquotation @{session name};
2017-12-16 ago PIDE markup for session ROOT files;
2017-12-14 ago dedicated case option for code generation to Scala
2017-12-14 ago expose bibtex errors;
2017-12-14 ago NEWS;
2017-12-13 ago positions as postlude: avoid intrusion of odd %-forms into main tex source;
2017-12-12 ago option document_positions;
2017-12-10 ago re-implemented "isabelle document" in Isabelle/Scala, include latex_errors here;
2017-12-10 ago more explicit latex errors;
2017-12-07 ago clarified document preparation vs. skip_proofs;
2017-12-06 ago name mangling for Latex macros;
2017-12-05 ago more documentation;
2017-12-04 ago NEWS;
2017-12-03 ago discontinued old 'def' command;
2017-11-27 ago updated to official release of polyml-5.7.1;
2017-11-25 ago Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite is baseline;
2017-11-13 ago init Mercurial repository for the generated session files;
2017-11-11 ago dedicated definition for coprimality
2017-11-11 ago more options for "isabelle mkroot";
2017-11-05 ago more uniform header syntax, in contrast to the former etc/abbrevs file-format (see 73939a9b70a3);
2017-11-03 ago tuned (non-unique example);
2017-11-03 ago clarified situation of global theory names;
2017-11-02 ago allow unrelated ancestor;
2017-11-02 ago support alternative ancestor session;