2015-12-27 ago discontinued ASCII replacement syntax <->;
2015-12-23 ago NEWS;
2015-12-22 ago Liouville theorem, Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, etc.
2015-12-21 ago tuned spelling;
2015-12-21 ago merged
2015-12-21 ago more explicit ML profiling, with official Isabelle output;
2015-12-19 ago documentation on last state of the art concerning interpretation
2015-12-15 ago New complex analysis material
2015-12-13 ago more general types Proof.method / context_tactic;
2015-12-07 ago clarified terminology
2015-12-07 ago Merge
2015-12-07 ago tuned;
2015-12-06 ago tuned;
2015-12-01 ago add formalisation of Bourbaki-Witt fixpoint theorem
2015-11-25 ago observe option "indent";
2015-11-22 ago tuned;
2015-11-21 ago tuned;
2015-11-18 ago Refine the supression of abbreviations for morphisms that are not identities.
2015-11-17 ago Removed some legacy theorems; minor adjustments to simplification rules; new material on homotopic paths
2015-11-16 ago NEWS
2015-11-15 ago merged
2015-11-15 ago option "inductive_defs" controls exposure of def and mono facts;
2015-11-15 ago NEWS
2015-11-14 ago represent both algebraic and local-theory views on locale interpretation in interfaces
2015-11-14 ago coalesce permanent_interpretation.ML with interpretation.ML
2015-11-13 ago added antiquotation @{doc}, e.g. useful for demonstration purposes;
2015-11-13 ago more documentation;
2015-11-12 ago support short form for \<^theory_text>;
2015-11-11 ago cancel complementary terms as arguments to sup/inf in boolean algebras
2015-11-10 ago added @{command}, @{method}, @{attribute};
2015-11-10 ago added document antiquotation @{theory_text};
2015-11-09 ago uniform mandatory qualifier for all locale expressions, including 'statespace' parent;
2015-11-09 ago prefer explicit State panel;
2015-11-08 ago added option timeout_scale;
2015-11-07 ago clarified completion of explicit symbols (see also f6bd97a587b7, e0e4ac981cf1);
2015-11-07 ago added @{undefined} with somewhat undefined symbol;
2015-11-06 ago more formal treatment of control symbols;
2015-11-05 ago symbolic syntax "\<comment> text";
2015-11-04 ago document antiquotation @{footnote};
2015-11-04 ago NEWS;
2015-11-04 ago Keyword 'rewrites' identifies rewrite morphisms.
2015-11-04 ago Qualifiers in locale expressions default to mandatory regardless of the command.
2015-11-02 ago don't pollute local theory with needless names
2015-11-02 ago allow selectors and discriminators with same name as type
2015-11-02 ago clarified completion of Isabelle symbols within document source;
2015-10-31 ago back to traditional Metal as default, and thus evade current problems with Nimbus scrollbar slider;
2015-10-27 ago Cauchy's integral formula, required lemmas, and a bit of reorganisation
2015-10-24 ago more uniform command-line for "isabelle jedit" and the isabelle.Main app wrapper;
2015-10-21 ago rendering for \<^verbatim>;
2015-10-21 ago proper spaces around @{text};
2015-10-20 ago added isabelle update_cartouches option -t;
2015-10-20 ago another antiquotation short form: undecorated cartouche as alias for @{text};
2015-10-19 ago tuned English;
2015-10-19 ago added action "isabelle-emph";
2015-10-18 ago clarified control antiquotations: decode control symbol to get name;
2015-10-18 ago support control symbol antiquotations;
2015-10-17 ago added 'paragraph', 'subparagraph';
2015-10-17 ago more explicit output of list items;
2015-10-14 ago clarified control symbols;
2015-10-13 ago new material on path_component_sets, inside, outside, etc. And more default simprules