2016-02-27 ago symbol interpretation for \<circle>;
2016-02-26 ago more succint formulation of membership for multisets, similar to lists;
2016-02-25 ago isabelle_scala_script is usually found by PATH;
2016-02-25 ago Conformal_mappings: a big development in complex analysis (+ some lemmas)
2016-02-25 ago tuned;
2016-02-24 ago NEWS
2016-02-10 ago Rename ordered_comm_monoid_add to ordered_cancel_comm_monoid_add. Introduce ordreed_comm_monoid_add, canonically_ordered_comm_monoid and dioid. Setup nat, entat and ennreal as dioids.
2016-02-18 ago NEWS concerning 66a381d3f88f
2016-02-17 ago merged
2016-02-17 ago SML/NJ is no longer supported;
2016-02-17 ago dropped various legacy fact bindings and tuned proofs
2016-02-17 ago separated potentially conflicting type class instance into separate theory
2016-02-17 ago dropped various legacy fact bindings
2016-02-17 ago generalized some lemmas;
2016-02-17 ago further generalization and polishing
2016-02-17 ago prefer abbreviations for compound operators INFIMUM and SUPREMUM
2016-02-17 ago making 'pred_inject' a first-class BNF citizen
2016-02-17 ago NEWS
2016-02-17 ago document new 'primrec' feature
2016-02-14 ago command '\<proof>' is an alias for 'sorry', with different typesetting;
2016-02-12 ago merged
2016-02-01 ago tuned NEWS: long-running tasks can still prevent urgent tasks from being started, due to start_execution pri = 0;
2016-01-31 ago more on "ML debugging within the Prover IDE";
2016-01-24 ago proper NEWS for this release;
2016-01-24 ago tuned;
2016-01-24 ago discontinued irregular abbrevs: ".o" counts as word, "+o", "*o", "-o" are occasionally used as ASCII notation, "*o" is in conflict with "(*o" in comments;
2016-01-22 ago tuned markup, e.g. relevant for Rendering.tooltip;
2016-01-20 ago back to post-release mode -- after fork point;
2016-01-20 ago fixed NEWS w.r.t. multisets
2016-01-20 ago added 'supset' variants for new '<#' etc. symbols on multisets
2016-01-19 ago tuned;
2016-01-19 ago Added approximation of powr to NEWS/CONTRIBUTORS
2016-01-13 ago removed old 'defs' command;
2016-01-13 ago Eisbach works for other object-logics, e.g. Eisbach_FOL.thy;
2016-01-13 ago tuned;
2016-01-13 ago updated NEWS
2016-01-13 ago more good NEWS;
2016-01-10 ago print_record NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2016-01-09 ago generate HTML version of NEWS, with proper symbol rendering;
2016-01-09 ago merged
2016-01-09 ago tuned;
2016-01-09 ago \<struct> loses its rendering and is superseded by \<diamondop>;
2016-01-09 ago discontinued \<struct> syntax;
2016-01-08 ago add uniform spaces
2016-01-08 ago tuned;
2016-01-08 ago merged
2016-01-07 ago more uniform treatment of package internals;
2016-01-07 ago Added formal power series updates to NEWS/CONTRIBUTORS
2016-01-06 ago misc tuning for release;
2016-01-06 ago add the proof of the central limit theorem
2016-01-06 ago updated NEWS
2016-01-06 ago added ML antiquotation @{method};
2016-01-05 ago misc tuning for release;
2016-01-05 ago Added summability/Gamma/etc. to NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2016-01-02 ago NEWS;
2016-01-01 ago oops;
2016-01-01 ago tuned;
2016-01-01 ago more symbols;
2015-12-31 ago misc tuning for release;
2015-12-31 ago misc updates for release;