2013-01-12 ago removed unused/non-portable bash_output_fifo;
2012-04-16 ago redirect bash stderr to Isabelle warning as appropriate -- avoid raw process error output which may either get ignored or overload PIDE syslog in extreme cases;
2012-02-16 ago more uniform / portable representation of the idea of "copy_dir" (NB: cp -f dereferences symlinks on GNU/Linux, but does not on old-school Unixen including BSD/Mac OS X);
2011-10-19 ago tuned comment;
2011-08-10 ago bash_output_fifo blocks on Cygwin 1.7.x;
2011-07-16 ago clarified bash_output_fifo;
2011-07-16 ago moved bash operations to Isabelle_System (cf. Scala version);
2011-07-16 ago access to process output stream via auxiliary fifo;
2011-06-30 ago prefer Isabelle path algebra;
2011-03-26 ago Isabelle_System.create_tmp_path/with_tmp_file: optional extension;
2011-03-13 ago Path.print is the official way to show file-system paths to users -- note that Path.implode often indicates violation of the abstract datatype;
2010-12-21 ago make SML/NJ and Poly/ML agree on the type of "before";
2010-12-20 ago slightly more standard Isabelle_System.with_tmp_file/with_tmp_dir (cf. Scala version);
2010-11-28 ago more permissive Isabelle_System.mkdir;
2010-11-27 ago more basic Isabelle_System.mkdir;
2010-11-27 ago more explicit Isabelle_System operations;