2013-05-22 ago more robust command line -- accomodate /bin/kill on recent Linux (e.g. Xubuntu 13.04):
2013-05-17 ago timeout counts as regular error, with rc = 1 (cf. special Exn.Interrupt vs. regular TimeLimit.TimeOut in Isabelle/ML);
2013-05-13 ago recovered informative progress from 016cb7d8f297;
2013-05-13 ago limit build process output, to avoid bombing Isabelle/Scala process by ill-behaved jobs (e.g. Containers in AFP/9025435b29cf);
2013-04-29 ago cygwin_root as optional argument;
2013-04-04 ago separate module "GUI", to keep this out of the way of generic Isabelle_System operations, notably for non-Isabelle/jEdit applications;
2013-04-04 ago separate module Isabelle_Font, to keep this out of the way of generic Isabelle_System operations, notably for non-Isabelle/jEdit applications;
2013-02-23 ago more robust handling of repeated interrupts while terminating managed process;
2013-01-14 ago Isabelle_System.mkdirs with explicit error checking (in accordance to ML version), e.g. relevant with read-only DMG file-system on Mac OS X;
2013-01-12 ago add icon for toplevel windows;
2013-01-12 ago immediate theory progress for build_dialog;
2013-01-04 ago prefer old graph browser in Isabelle/jEdit, which still produces better layout;
2013-01-02 ago support File.read_gzip as well, in accordance to File.write_gzip;
2012-12-31 ago tuned signature -- eliminated obsolete Standard_System;
2012-12-31 ago tuned signature;
2012-12-06 ago more uniform default logic, using settings, options, args etc.;
2012-11-30 ago tuned import;
2012-11-25 ago explicit module UTF8;
2012-09-19 ago JavaFX is inactive by default;
2012-09-12 ago load fonts into JavaFX as well;
2012-08-24 ago prefer jEdit file name representation (potentially via VFS);
2012-07-27 ago tuned signature;
2012-07-27 ago simplified Path vs. JVM File operations;
2012-07-25 ago tuned;
2012-07-21 ago some actual build function on ML side;
2012-07-20 ago more abstract file system operations in Scala, corresponding to ML version;
2012-07-20 ago more explicit{File => JFile};
2012-07-20 ago further imitation of "usedir" shell script;
2012-07-19 ago support for detached Bash_Job with some control operations;
2012-07-19 ago support external processes with explicit environment;
2012-07-17 ago avoid Source.fromFile, which does not necessarily close its input;
2012-07-05 ago prefer sys.env from scala 2.9;
2012-04-24 ago cold-start HOME is user.home, in accordance with Cygwin-Terminal.bat;
2012-04-22 ago more robust handling of PATH vs PATH_JVM -- required for cold start of Cygwin from Windows (e.g. Isabelle.exe);
2012-04-22 ago USER_HOME settings variable points to cross-platform user home directory;
2012-03-24 ago ISABELLE_JDK_HOME settings variable points to JDK with javac and jar (not just JRE);
2011-12-16 ago prefer sorting from Scala library;
2011-09-28 ago proper platform_file_url for Windows UNC paths (server shares);
2011-09-27 ago proper platform_file_url;
2011-09-21 ago more abstract wrapping of fifos as System_Channel;
2011-08-13 ago reduced verbosity;
2011-07-07 ago simplified Symbol based on lazy Symbol.Interpretation -- reduced odd "functorial style";
2011-07-05 ago prefer space_explode/split_lines as in Isabelle/ML;
2011-07-05 ago Path.split convenience;
2011-07-05 ago tuned;
2011-07-04 ago quasi-static Isabelle_System -- reduced tendency towards "functorial style";
2011-07-04 ago explicit class Counter;
2011-06-30 ago prefer Isabelle path algebra;
2011-06-23 ago explicit import java.lang.System to prevent odd scope problems;
2011-06-22 ago lazy Isabelle_System.default supports implicit boot;
2011-06-20 ago simplified/generalized ISABELLE_FONTS handling;
2011-03-26 ago suppress Mercurial backup files;
2010-09-25 ago tuned mk_fifo;
2010-09-22 ago eliminated Simple_Thread shorthands that can overlap with full version;
2010-09-22 ago more robust Managed_Process.kill: check after sending signal;
2010-09-22 ago more robust lib/scripts/process, with explicit script/no_script mode;
2010-09-21 ago refined Isabelle_System.bash_output: pass pid via stdout, separate stdout/stderr;
2010-09-20 ago refined ML/Scala bash wrapper, based on more general lib/scripts/process;
2010-09-20 ago more robust Isabelle_System.rm_fifo: avoid external bash invocation, which might not work in JVM shutdown phase (due to Runtime.addShutdownHook);
2010-09-19 ago simplified Isabelle_System.mk_fifo: inlined script, append PPID and PID uniformly;