2013-05-14 ago more uniform Markup.print_real;
2013-05-14 ago more uniform Markup.parse_real;
2013-05-14 ago tuned messages;
2013-05-12 ago more standard Isabelle/ML operations -- avoid inaccurate Bool.fromString;
2013-05-12 ago tuned signature;
2013-05-12 ago tuned comments;
2013-05-12 ago more operations in accordance to Scala version;
2013-05-12 ago more systematic access to options default;
2012-08-06 ago pass Isabelle/Scala system options into ML process of Isar tty or build jobs;
2012-07-23 ago added ML version of stand-alone options, with XML.encode/decode operations (unidirectional from Scala to ML);