2013-04-04 ago tuned signature -- concentrate GUI tools;
2012-01-04 ago updated version information;
2011-11-29 ago separate compilation of PIDE vs. Pure sources, which enables independent Scala library;
2011-11-28 ago explicit indication of modules for independent Scala library;
2011-06-23 ago explicit import java.lang.System to prevent odd scope problems;
2010-12-22 ago more explicit jvm_name;
2010-05-10 ago more convenient look-and-feel setup;
2010-04-19 ago check JVM platform at most once -- still non-strict to prevent potential failure during initialization of object Platform;
2010-04-17 ago system properties determine the JVM platform, not the Isabelle one;
2010-02-05 ago try "GTK+" as well -- note that "Nimbus" is unavailable in versions of OpenJDK;
2009-06-28 ago sane platform look-and-feel;
2009-06-28 ago moved platform identification to platform.scala;