1994-07-01 ago replaced extend_theory by new add_* functions;
1994-06-21 ago Addition of cardinals and order types, various tidying
1994-03-17 ago Improved layout for inductive defs
1993-11-16 ago made pseudo theories for all ML files;
1993-10-28 ago now uses datatype_intrs and datatype_elims
1993-10-22 ago ZF/ind-syntax/fold_con_tac: deleted, since fold_tac now works
1993-10-15 ago ZF/ind-syntax/refl_thin: new
1993-10-06 ago Retrying yet again after network problems
1993-09-30 ago ex/{bin.ML,comb.ML,prop.ML}: replaced NewSext by Syntax.simple_sext
1993-09-17 ago Installation of new simplifier for ZF. Deleted all congruence rules not
1993-09-16 ago Initial revision