2013-12-09 ago added document antiquotation @{url}, which produces formal markup for LaTeX and PIDE;
2013-12-06 ago NEWS;
2013-12-06 ago clarified "isabelle display" and 'display_drafts': re-use file and program instance, open asynchronously via desktop environment;
2013-12-05 ago relocate NEWS to post-release version (cf. 7a14f831d02d);
2013-12-05 ago merged, resolving obvious conflicts in NEWS and src/Pure/System/isabelle_process.ML;
2013-12-01 ago tuned;
2013-11-30 ago NEWS;
2013-11-25 ago NEWS;
2013-11-21 ago NEWS;
2013-11-20 ago updated to Isabelle2013-2;
2013-12-05 ago make sure acyclicity axiom gets generated in the case where the problem involves mutually recursive datatypes
2013-12-05 ago news
2013-11-26 ago NEWS
2013-11-25 ago even more precise NEWS
2013-11-20 ago NEWS;
2013-11-19 ago more correct NEWS
2013-11-19 ago eliminiated neg_numeral in favour of - (numeral _)
2013-11-16 ago toplevel function "use" refers to raw ML bootstrap environment;
2013-11-11 ago merged, using src/HOL/Tools/Sledgehammer/sledgehammer_isar.ML and src/HOL/Tools/Sledgehammer/sledgehammer_run.ML from 347c3b0cab44;
2013-11-09 ago tuned whitespace;
2013-11-05 ago no default shortcut for isabelle.reset-font-size -- avoid conflict with unsplit-current;
2013-10-30 ago more on file-system access;
2013-10-14 ago tuned;
2013-10-09 ago NEWS;
2013-10-04 ago NEWS;
2013-11-10 ago qualifed popular user space names
2013-11-05 ago NEWS
2013-11-04 ago fact generalization and name consolidation
2013-11-01 ago more simplification rules on unary and binary minus
2013-10-31 ago purely algebraic foundation for even/odd
2013-10-31 ago moving generic lemmas out of theory parity, disregarding some unused auxiliary lemmas;
2013-10-03 ago back to post-release mode -- after fork point;
2013-10-03 ago Streamlined locales reference material.
2013-10-02 ago tuned;
2013-10-02 ago misc tuning for release;
2013-10-02 ago NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2013-10-02 ago NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2013-10-01 ago minor textual changes
2013-09-29 ago tuned;
2013-09-29 ago more on text completion;
2013-09-28 ago misc tuning for release;
2013-09-28 ago uniform $ISABELLE_HOME on all platforms;
2013-09-25 ago updated documentation concerning MacOSX plugin 1.3;
2013-09-24 ago NEWS;
2013-09-23 ago document "spy"
2013-09-23 ago document "spy" option
2013-09-20 ago updated NEWS
2013-09-19 ago updated NEWS
2013-09-19 ago updated NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2013-09-18 ago improved printing of exception trace in Poly/ML 5.5.1;
2013-09-17 ago order_bot, order_top
2013-09-17 ago NEWS: Simps_Case_Conv
2013-09-16 ago more NEWS;
2013-09-13 ago merged
2013-09-10 ago NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2013-09-11 ago more correct NEWS
2013-09-11 ago tuned;
2013-09-04 ago remove Swing input map, which might bind keys in unexpected ways (e.g. LEFT/RIGHT in singleton list);
2013-09-02 ago NEWS
2013-08-31 ago more accurate description: Swing/L&F has additional handlers;