2008-03-20 ago thm_antiq: produce error at runtime, not compile time;
2008-03-20 ago Facts.Named: include position;
2008-03-20 ago simplified get_thm(s): back to plain name argument;
2008-03-19 ago renamed datatype thmref to Facts.ref, tuned interfaces;
2008-03-14 ago added mk_const functions
2008-03-01 ago added @{const} antiquotation;
2008-01-01 ago eval_wrapper: CRITICAL;
2007-12-18 ago named some critical sections;
2007-11-08 ago renamed ProofContext.read_const' to ProofContext.read_const_proper;
2007-11-07 ago ProofContext.read_const';
2007-10-26 ago replaced Secure.evaluate by ML_Context.evaluate;
2007-10-22 ago added @{sort}, @{type_syntax} antiquotations;
2007-09-24 ago added @{type_name};
2007-09-23 ago tuned @{cpat};
2007-09-15 ago tuned comments;
2007-09-14 ago moved ML_XXX.ML files to Pure/ML;