2004-11-25 ago added ZCHAFF_VERSION
2004-11-14 ago *** empty log message ***
2004-11-14 ago DOCTYPE declaration added
2004-10-04 ago PDF_VIEWER suggestion
2004-09-30 ago display pdf as well as dvi
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2004-06-15 ago Jerusat settings added
2004-06-15 ago entries for ZChaff and BerkMin added/modified
2004-06-13 ago added PRINT_COMMAND setting
2004-06-05 ago removed mlworks and smlnj-0.93 (obsolete);
2004-04-17 ago do not mention poly 3.x any more (it is untested)
2004-03-11 ago look for multi platform poly first, choose shrink wrapped poly-4.1.3 (guess) only
2004-03-10 ago ZCHAFF_HOME variable added
2004-03-09 ago include more explanation of variables
2004-01-08 ago run makeindex if necessary
2003-10-31 ago fixed
2003-10-31 ago set isatool usedir to verbose by default
2003-05-26 ago set HOL_PROOF_OBJECTS in settings, not makefile (makes override in user settings possible)
2003-04-23 ago more documentation
2002-03-01 ago tuned;
2002-01-21 ago wild guess at polyml-4.1.2;
2002-01-14 ago ML_OPTIONS="-h 15000" (used to be 30000);
2002-01-09 ago removed TEXINPUTS;
2001-12-19 ago tuned;
2001-12-12 ago removed installfonts, xterm interface;
2001-10-29 ago tuned;
2001-10-16 ago ISABELLE_EPSTOPDF="epstopdf";
2001-09-26 ago updated;
2001-09-08 ago ISABELLE_INTERFACE=none by default (cannot expect X11 everywhere);
2001-02-13 ago tuned;
2001-02-05 ago tuned;
2000-11-21 ago tuned;
2000-10-12 ago even smarter setup for several installations of Poly/ML 3.x and 4.0;
2000-09-25 ago tuned auto paths;
2000-09-15 ago XSYMBOL_INSTALLFONTS is back;
2000-09-15 ago tentative fix while hunting gremlins ...;
2000-09-14 ago added /usr/share/emacs/ProofGeneral/isar/interface choice;
2000-09-13 ago easy settings: add /usr/local prefix;
2000-09-03 ago GPLed;
2000-09-01 ago more robust handling of spaces in args / file names;
2000-08-31 ago more polyml choices;
2000-08-30 ago tuned;
2000-08-30 ago use polyml-version;
2000-08-24 ago choosefrom: easy settings;
2000-08-10 ago X-Symbol mode -- look in canonical place;
2000-07-06 ago Moscow ML 2.00 or later (experimental!);
2000-07-04 ago tuned comments;
2000-07-01 ago added site settings check;
2000-05-17 ago Proof General -- if present make this the default;
2000-03-06 ago new Poly/ML setup made default;
1999-10-15 ago fixed comment;
1999-10-14 ago thumbpdf (disabled by default);
1999-10-09 ago added ISABELLE_BIBTEX;
1999-10-07 ago removed TeX environment hacking;
1999-10-07 ago Document preparation setup;
1999-10-06 ago ISABELLE_USEDIR_OPTIONS: -d pdf option (off by default);
1999-08-19 ago Mucke, Einhoven;
1999-08-06 ago tuned;
1999-08-06 ago External reasoning tools;