2010-11-28 ago superficial tuning;
2010-09-22 ago tuned
2010-09-20 ago renamed structure PureThy to Pure_Thy and moved most content to Global_Theory, to emphasize that this is global-only;
2010-08-26 ago renamed Local_Theory.theory(_result) to Local_Theory.background_theory(_result) to emphasize that this belongs to the infrastructure and is rarely appropriate in user-space tools;
2010-08-20 ago tuned: less formal noise in Named_Target, more coherence in Class
2010-08-12 ago Class.declare -> Class.const
2010-08-12 ago named target is optional; explicit Name_Target.reinit
2010-08-12 ago Named_Target.init: empty string represents theory target
2010-08-12 ago Named_Target.theory_init
2010-08-11 ago remove reinit operation alltogether
2010-08-11 ago more convenient split of class modules: class and class_declaration
2010-08-11 ago tuned
2010-08-11 ago renamed Theory_Target to the more appropriate Named_Target