2000-04-04 ago print_simpset / print_claset command;
2000-03-18 ago tuned comments;
2000-03-15 ago tuned comments;
2000-03-08 ago fixed section syntax;
2000-03-04 ago REPEAT_ALL_NEW;
2000-02-07 ago intro/elim/dest attributes: changed ! / !! flags to ? / ??;
2000-01-28 ago HEADGOAL;
2000-01-28 ago replaced FIRSTGOAL by FINDGOAL (backtracking!);
2000-01-05 ago METHOD_CLASET': refer to *local* claset;
1999-09-21 ago setup for refined facts handling;
1999-09-01 ago Method.insert_tac;
1999-08-25 ago proper setup of GlobalClaset data;
1999-08-24 ago fixed intro_elim_tac;
1999-08-20 ago intro/elim: REPEAT1;
1999-08-19 ago renamed 'some_rule' to 'rule';
1999-08-18 ago Method.modifier;
1999-08-17 ago renamed 'single' to 'some_rule';
1999-08-02 ago export cla_meth(');
1999-07-30 ago eliminated METHOD0 in favour of same_tac;
1999-07-27 ago safe_step_tac / step_tac;
1999-07-14 ago tuned contradiction method;
1999-07-10 ago dup_elim: use try to handle general exn;
1999-07-09 ago type claset: added extra I/E rules;
1999-04-30 ago theory data: copy;
1999-04-23 ago improved 'single' method;
1999-04-23 ago oops;
1999-04-22 ago single method: include not_elim, imp_elim;
1999-04-14 ago cleaned comments;
1999-03-17 ago Theory.sign_of;
1999-01-12 ago eliminated tthm type and Attribute structure;
1998-11-18 ago expoer cla_method('), cla_modifiers;
1998-11-16 ago tuned attribute names;
1998-11-09 ago local claset theory data;
1998-10-23 ago corrected (and simplified) depth_tac
1998-09-21 ago added addD2, addE2, addSD2, and addSE2
1998-06-10 ago Context.the_context;
1998-06-05 ago accomodate tuned version of theory data;
1998-04-29 ago tuned setup;
1998-04-04 ago type_error;
1998-04-04 ago replaced thy_data by setup;
1998-04-03 ago tuned names;
1998-04-02 ago introduced functions for updating the wrapper lists
1998-03-30 ago merge_cs now also merges safe and unsafe wrappers
1998-03-12 ago improved coding of delWrapper and delSWrapper
1998-02-25 ago renamed rep_claset to rep_cs
1998-02-25 ago changed wrapper mechanism of classical reasoner
1998-02-23 ago Catches bad elim rules, handling exception OPTION
1998-02-12 ago oops;
1998-02-12 ago tuned print_cs;
1997-12-12 ago More deterministic (?) contr_tac
1997-12-07 ago added print_claset;
1997-11-21 ago changed Pure/Sequence interface -- isatool fixseq;
1997-11-20 ago adapted print methods;
1997-11-04 ago type object = exn (enhance readability);
1997-11-03 ago new implicit claset mechanism based on anytype data;
1997-11-01 ago Fixed comments
1997-09-29 ago Added Safe_tac; all other default claset tactics now dereference "claset"
1997-09-25 ago Addition of clarify_tac, clarify_step_tac, Clarify_tac, Clarify_step_tac
1997-07-22 ago improved print_cs;
1997-07-22 ago Removal of the tactical STATE