23 months ago ago documentation for the Isabelle server;
23 months ago ago Removed stray 'sledgehammer' invocation
23 months ago ago Changes to NEWS regarding 2a6ef5ba4822
24 months ago ago Drop rewrites after defines in interpretations.
24 months ago ago Fall back to reading rewrite morphism first if activation fails without it.
24 months ago ago Proper rewrite morphisms in locale instances.
24 months ago ago notation for dummy sort;
24 months ago ago command 'interpret' no longer exposes resulting theorems as literal facts;
2018-02-16 ago strengthen filter relator to canonical categorical definition with better properties
2018-02-10 ago NEWS;
2018-01-28 ago avoid concrete (anti)mono in theorem names since it could be the other way round
2018-01-26 ago redundant;
2018-01-25 ago old-style inner comments are legacy;
2018-01-16 ago more documentation;
2018-01-16 ago discontinued old form of marginal comments;
2018-01-14 ago more specific tool "isabelle update_comments", for uniformity with formal comments in embedded languages;
2018-01-13 ago added glyph from "Deja Vu Sans Mono" font;
2018-01-13 ago tuned;
2018-01-13 ago added \<^cancel> operator for unused text;
2018-01-10 ago typo
2018-01-10 ago tuned
2018-01-10 ago Manual updates towards conversion of "op" syntax
2018-01-09 ago more accurate spell-checking for nested quotations / antiquotations, notably in formal comments;
2018-01-08 ago theory Pure is default presentation context;
2018-01-07 ago clarified NEWS;
2018-01-07 ago output token content with formal comments and antiquotations;
2018-01-06 ago inner syntax comments may be written as "\<comment> \<open>text\<close>";
2018-01-05 ago Renamed (^) to [^] in preparation of the move from "op X" to (X)
2018-01-03 ago updated NEWS
2018-01-01 ago more completion templates;
2017-12-30 ago more robust hyphen (see also "Soft hyphen (SHY) – a hard problem?";
2017-12-30 ago more robust treatment of conflicts with existing Unicode text;
2017-12-30 ago tuned whitespace;
2017-12-29 ago formal check of @{cite} bibtex entries -- only in batch-mode session builds;
2017-12-28 ago NEWS;
2017-12-22 ago tuned;
2017-12-22 ago discontinued 'display_drafts' command;
2017-12-22 ago action "isabelle.draft" for plain-text preview;
2017-12-22 ago NEWS;
2017-12-21 ago isabelle.preview presents bibtex database files as well;
2017-12-21 ago isabelle.preview presents auxiliary text files as well;
2017-12-18 ago a conditional paramitrecity prover
2017-12-16 ago tuned;
2017-12-16 ago added document antiquotation @{session name};
2017-12-16 ago PIDE markup for session ROOT files;
2017-12-14 ago dedicated case option for code generation to Scala
2017-12-14 ago expose bibtex errors;
2017-12-14 ago NEWS;
2017-12-13 ago positions as postlude: avoid intrusion of odd %-forms into main tex source;
2017-12-12 ago option document_positions;
2017-12-10 ago re-implemented "isabelle document" in Isabelle/Scala, include latex_errors here;
2017-12-10 ago more explicit latex errors;
2017-12-07 ago clarified document preparation vs. skip_proofs;
2017-12-06 ago name mangling for Latex macros;
2017-12-05 ago more documentation;
2017-12-04 ago NEWS;
2017-12-03 ago discontinued old 'def' command;
2017-11-27 ago updated to official release of polyml-5.7.1;
2017-11-25 ago Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite is baseline;
2017-11-13 ago init Mercurial repository for the generated session files;