2005-09-22 ago only show trunk in Changelog (kleing)
2005-06-30 ago test sml-dev on mac as well
2005-06-25 ago switch mac test to macbroy5
2005-05-27 ago put global isatest settings in one file, sourced by the other scripts
2005-05-23 ago added email
2005-05-08 ago MAILTO:
2005-04-26 ago test sml/nj devel only for the moment
2005-04-22 ago run smlnj devel on sunbroy2 and stable on atbroy51 until faster machines are around
2005-04-22 ago wakeonlan for macbroy33
2005-04-22 ago test stable and devel version of smlnj
2005-01-13 ago Added ChangeLog
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2003-08-27 ago Added skalberg to recepients, changed admin from kleing to berghofe.
2003-05-18 ago more cleanup
2003-05-15 ago give tests time to copy settings
2003-05-09 ago only make development snapshots for successful tests
2003-05-09 ago var/run -> var/running
2003-05-09 ago add cleanup of old error log and test-still-running files
2003-05-06 ago use /usr/stud/isatest as home for all platforms (macbroy33 has no /home/stud/..)
2003-05-05 ago add mac test
2003-04-06 ago run on sunbroy1, too
2003-02-28 ago generate nightly devel snapshot
2002-10-26 ago switched to atbroy51, removed markus from email list
2002-07-30 ago changed date format for proper lexicographical ordering
2002-07-15 ago mail address update
2002-06-24 ago email sending
2002-06-21 ago cleanup old isabelle-* dirs before test start
2002-06-20 ago tuned
2002-06-20 ago tuned
2002-06-20 ago for nightly test builds