2006-01-19 ago setup: theory -> theory;
2005-12-30 ago fixed final_consts;
2005-12-22 ago structure ProjectRule;
2005-09-29 ago more finalconsts;
2005-09-23 ago renamed rules to iprover
2005-09-06 ago avoid old-style infixes;
2005-06-17 ago migrated theory headers to new format
2005-05-31 ago tuned;
2005-05-22 ago Simplifier already setup in Pure;
2005-02-01 ago the new subst tactic, by Lucas Dixon
2004-12-07 ago proof of subst by S Merz
2004-06-01 ago removed obsolete sort 'logic';
2004-04-14 ago use more symbols in HTML output
2003-10-16 ago partial conversion to Isar scripts
2003-01-15 ago moving "let" from ZF to FOL
2002-07-31 ago new theorem eq_commute
2002-02-25 ago clarified syntax of ``long'' statements: fixes/assumes/shows;
2002-02-12 ago tuned;
2002-01-08 ago syntax "_not_equal";
2001-12-05 ago sym declarations;
2001-12-04 ago renamed RuleContext to ContextRules;
2001-12-03 ago setup "rules" method;
2001-11-09 ago eliminated old "symbols" syntax, use "xsymbols" instead;
2001-11-02 ago transitive declared in Pure;
2001-10-28 ago equal_intr_rule already declared in Pure;
2001-10-26 ago atomize_conj;
2001-10-20 ago calculational rules moved from FOL to IFOL;
2001-10-14 ago moved rulify to ObjectLogic;
2001-10-14 ago judgment Trueprop;
2001-10-12 ago declare impE iffD1 iffD2 ad elim of Pure;
2001-10-04 ago atomize stuff from theory FOL;
2000-09-07 ago updated setup;
2000-08-04 ago setup hypsubst_setup;
1999-08-25 ago proper bootstrap of IFOL/FOL theories and packages;
1999-03-10 ago HTML output;
1998-12-11 ago added new print_mode "xsymbols" for extended symbol support
1998-04-29 ago tuned setup;
1998-04-04 ago replaced thy_data by thy_setup;
1997-11-03 ago added simpset thy_data;
1997-10-20 ago local;
1997-10-16 ago global;
1997-10-10 ago fixed dots;
1996-12-10 ago fixed pris of binder syntax;
1996-11-27 ago symbol names changes;
1996-11-18 ago added symbolfont syntax;
1995-11-07 ago removed quotes from types in consts section
1995-10-05 ago corrected title
1995-03-07 ago Moved declaration of ~= to a syntax section
1994-03-17 ago adapted type definition to new syntax
1993-10-25 ago added white-space;
1993-10-07 ago ifol.thy: added ~= for "not equals"
1993-09-16 ago Initial revision