2006-01-19 ago setup: theory -> theory;
2005-11-09 ago Thm.varifyT': natural argument order;
2005-10-21 ago OldGoals;
2005-10-18 ago Simplifier.theory_context;
2005-09-17 ago removed spurious PolyML.exception_trace;
2005-09-16 ago fixed HOL-light/Isabelle syntax incompatability via more protect_xxx functions
2005-08-29 ago Updated import.
2005-06-17 ago accomodate change of TheoryDataFun;
2005-04-21 ago Adapted to new interface of instantiation and unification / matching functions.
2005-04-07 ago reverted renaming of Some/None in comments and strings;
2005-03-04 ago Removed practically all references to Library.foldr.
2005-03-03 ago Move towards standard functions.
2005-02-13 ago Deleted Library.option type.
2004-06-01 ago removed obsolete sort 'logic';
2004-05-31 ago oops -- no Output.out here;
2004-05-29 ago Output.output;
2004-04-17 ago Minor cleanup of headers and some speedup of the HOL4 import.
2004-04-04 ago Added a number of explicit type casts and delayed evaluations (all seemingly
2004-04-02 ago Added HOL proof importer.