2006-01-19 ago setup: theory -> theory;
2005-10-19 ago removed obsolete old_symbol_source;
2005-09-20 ago slight adaptions to library changes
2005-09-15 ago TableFun/Symtab: curried lookup and update;
2005-09-01 ago curried_lookup/update;
2005-08-31 ago added copy-dump option;
2005-08-28 ago isatool latex -o sty;
2005-08-16 ago support for document versions;
2005-06-20 ago clarify empty vs. pure browser info;
2005-06-17 ago accomodate change of TheoryDataFun;
2005-06-05 ago removed copy, copy_all (superceded by File.copy, File.copy_dir);
2005-04-21 ago superceded by Pure.thy and CPure.thy;
2005-03-03 ago Move towards standard functions.
2005-02-13 ago Deleted Library.option type.
2004-08-23 ago begin_theory now takes optional path (current directory) as argument.
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2004-06-20 ago tuned;
2004-06-18 ago isatool_document: verbose option;
2004-06-16 ago isatool_document: writeln output;
2004-06-13 ago tuned Present.drafts;
2004-06-12 ago added Present.drafts;
2004-06-09 ago Url.File;
2004-04-16 ago Replaced quote by Library.quote, since quote now refers to Symbol.quote
2004-04-12 ago use css
2002-08-27 ago simplified results;
2002-02-16 ago fixed copy_all
2002-02-15 ago clarified copy_all;
2002-01-24 ago copy_files *.sty;
2002-01-04 ago isatool document: stderr to stdout;
2001-11-28 ago theory data: removed obsolete finish method;
2001-11-11 ago present multi_result;
2001-11-09 ago theory data: finish method;
2001-10-23 ago build option enables most basic browser info (for proper recording of session);
2001-10-20 ago graceful interpretation of -i/-d/-D options;
2001-09-27 ago verbose option;
2001-02-04 ago added no_document
2000-09-11 ago support \isabellecontext;
2000-09-01 ago copy_files: do not quote paths (for now);
2000-09-01 ago isatool_document: quote args;
2000-08-28 ago tex_index: Latex.tex_trailer;
2000-07-27 ago export write_graph;
2000-07-23 ago removed all_sessions.graph;
2000-06-25 ago adapted to improved presentation;
2000-06-07 ago Reorganized graph stuff.
2000-05-05 ago GPLed;
2000-04-03 ago support markup environments;
2000-04-01 ago isatool document: check output file (workaround PolyML problem with RC);
2000-03-17 ago old_symbol_source: include header;
2000-02-09 ago document -c;
2000-02-05 ago additional tex dump;
2000-02-04 ago added old_symbol_source;
2000-01-05 ago chapter;
1999-10-13 ago system;
1999-10-08 ago isatool_document;
1999-10-07 ago verbatim markup tokens;
1999-10-07 ago tex_source: Buffer.write;
1999-10-07 ago Exported function get_info.
1999-10-06 ago Latex.token;
1999-10-06 ago accomodate markup commands;
1999-10-05 ago include browser_info stuff;