2008-10-04 ago replaced ISATOOL by ISABELLE_TOOL;
2008-06-02 ago removed onsolete pure.thy (cf. Misc.thy);
2008-06-02 ago added Document_Preparation;
2008-06-02 ago renamed theory "syntax" to "Outer_Syntax";
2008-06-02 ago renamed theory "intro" to "Introduction";
2008-05-09 ago added chapters for "Specifications" and "Proofs";
2008-05-08 ago converted HOL specific elements;
2008-05-07 ago removed obsolete conversion guide -- converted only section on tactics;
2008-05-07 ago added logic-specific sessions;
2008-05-05 ago converted generic.tex to Thy/Generic.thy;
2008-05-03 ago converted refcard.tex to Thy/Quick_Reference.thy;
2008-05-02 ago converted pure.tex to Thy/pure.thy;
2008-04-29 ago session based on HOL;
2008-04-28 ago converted syntax.tex to Thy/syntax.thy;
2008-04-23 ago converted intro.tex to Thy/intro.thy;
2008-04-22 ago basic setup for generated document (cf. ../IsarImplementation);