2008-10-04 ago replaced ISATOOL by ISABELLE_TOOL;
2008-07-01 ago put file dependencies on separate lines
2008-07-01 ago add file dependencies
2008-06-30 ago remove unused Cset.thy
2008-06-20 ago replace SetPcpo.thy with Cset.thy
2008-03-28 ago updated dependencies;
2007-10-23 ago changed back from ~=0 to >0
2007-05-31 ago moved HOLCF tools to canonical place;
2007-04-26 ago removed legacy ML files;
2006-09-28 ago removed obsolete HOLCF.ML;
2006-06-02 ago removed obsolete ML files;
2006-06-01 ago removed legacy ML scripts
2006-05-28 ago removed legacy ML scripts;
2006-05-28 ago removed legacy ML scripts;
2006-05-27 ago removed legacy ML scripts;
2006-05-27 ago removed legacy ML scripts;
2006-05-27 ago removed legacy ML scripts;
2006-05-03 ago update to reflect changes in inverts/injects lemmas
2005-11-03 ago removed ex/loeckx.ML
2005-10-19 ago removed obsolete domain/interface.ML, IOA/meta_theory/ioa_package.ML;
2005-09-03 ago removed IOA/Storage/Impl.ML, IOA/Storage/Action.ML;
2005-07-06 ago add pcpodef files
2005-06-23 ago add new file to test fixrec package
2005-06-14 ago moved continuity simproc to a separate file
2005-06-04 ago added fixrec_package.ML
2005-06-04 ago add Fixrec.thy
2005-06-03 ago renamed FunCpo to Ffun
2005-05-24 ago cannot have files named adm.ML and Adm.ML on Macs, so deleted one and renamed the other
2005-05-24 ago New theory for defining subtypes of pcpos
2005-05-24 ago Moved admissibility definitions and lemmas to a separate theory
2005-04-16 ago speed improvements for the domain package
2005-03-07 ago Added dependency document/root.tex, and -g true option to isatool; document generation should work now.
2005-03-04 ago converted to new-style theories, and combined numbered files
2005-03-02 ago eliminated deps for removed files
2004-12-14 ago tidied; removed references to HOL theories
2004-09-07 ago integrated Streams with ex/Stream.*; added FOCUS/Fstreams.thy
2004-04-12 ago added Streams.thy (with stream concatenation etc.)
2001-12-27 ago IMP/document/root.tex;
2001-12-09 ago HOLCF/IMP converted to Isar
2001-11-03 ago converted theory Dnat;
2001-11-03 ago converted theory Lift;
2001-05-31 ago added FOCUS including the One-Element Buffer by Manfred Broy
2000-03-28 ago mods because of weak_case_cong -> removed Action.ML twice
1999-04-22 ago added ex and Modelcheck
1999-02-03 ago usedir -r;
1998-12-02 ago tuned;
1998-12-02 ago IOA-Storage: Memory storage case study.
1998-01-13 ago added simulations files to IOA;
1998-01-12 ago added further IOA liles;
1998-01-07 ago improved targets;
1997-12-19 ago log files;
1997-11-04 ago HOLCFLogic.ML, contconsts.ML renamed to holcf_logic.ML, cont_consts.ML;
1997-11-04 ago * removed "axioms" and "generated by" section
1997-10-30 ago added adm.ML;
1997-10-20 ago removed Dlist;
1997-10-17 ago removed Classlib;
1997-07-07 ago eliminated chmod -w;
1997-05-26 ago removed ccc1
1997-05-25 ago Eliminated the prediates flat,chfin
1997-05-15 ago remove Witness.thy;