2008-10-04 ago replaced ISATOOL by ISABELLE_TOOL;
2008-10-04 ago added Thy/thy_header.scala;
2008-09-29 ago added context_position.ML;
2008-09-22 ago removed deriv.ML which is now incorporated into thm.ML;
2008-09-19 ago added Isar/isar.scala;
2008-09-18 ago jar: include sources;
2008-09-18 ago added deriv.ML: Abstract derivations based on raw proof terms.
2008-09-17 ago added ML-Systems/ml_name_space.ML;
2008-09-16 ago added quickcheck stub
2008-09-16 ago added Concurrent/simple_thread.ML;
2008-09-16 ago generic value command
2008-09-11 ago added Concurrent/par_list.ML;
2008-09-08 ago added Concurrent/task_queue.ML;
2008-09-07 ago added Concurrent/future.ML;
2008-09-07 ago added ML-Systems/thread_dummy.ML;
2008-09-04 ago fixed deps: no Concurrent/receiver.ML yet;
2008-09-04 ago added Concurrent/mailbox.ML;
2008-09-04 ago added General/queue.ML;
2008-09-04 ago added Concurrent/schedule.ML;
2008-08-28 ago removed obsolete ProofGeneral/pgml_isabelle.ML;
2008-08-27 ago added General/properties.ML;
2008-08-26 ago purge classes after compilation;
2008-08-23 ago added General/position.scala;
2008-08-23 ago added General/markup.scala;
2008-08-23 ago added Tools/isabelle_process.scala, Tools/isabelle_syntax.scala;
2008-08-17 ago added General/xml.scala, General/yxml.scala;
2008-08-16 ago jar: invoke scaladoc;
2008-08-16 ago jar target: removed jvmpath -- does not work on Linux!?
2008-08-16 ago jar target: jvmpath;
2008-08-16 ago added Tools/isabelle_system.scala;
2008-08-15 ago basic setup for Scala material;
2008-08-07 ago added General/symbol_pos.ML;
2008-07-14 ago removed obsolete Pure/General/history.ML;
2008-07-14 ago removed Isar/proof_history.ML;
2008-06-28 ago added ML/ml_thms.ML;
2008-06-24 ago added ML/ml_antiquote.ML;
2008-06-14 ago removed experimental Poplog/PML support;
2008-05-18 ago eliminated theory CPure;
2008-04-12 ago removed obsolete compress.ML
2008-04-10 ago added Isar/isar.ML;
2008-04-03 ago added Pure/General/yxml.ML;
2008-03-26 ago removed obsolete Thy/thm_database.ML (cf. ML/ml_context.ML);
2008-03-24 ago removed junk;
2008-03-24 ago added ML-Systems/polyml-5.1.ML, ML-Systems/polyml_old_compiler4.ML, ML-Systems/polyml_old_compiler5.ML;
2008-03-15 ago removed obsolete fact_index.ML;
2008-03-07 ago added hithero missing overloading.ML
2008-03-06 ago proper dependency on ML-Systems/mosml.ML;
2008-03-06 ago added ML-Systems/system_shell.ML;
2008-03-06 ago cleaned-up ML-Systems;
2008-02-19 ago removed General/system_process.ML (back to multithreaded version);
2008-02-16 ago added General/system_process.ML;
2008-01-24 ago removed obsolete context_position.ML (superseded by Position.thread_data);
2007-12-20 ago added ML-Systems/universal.ML;
2007-12-20 ago moved Pure/General/random_word.ML to Tools/random_word.ML;
2007-12-19 ago added General/random_word.ML;
2007-12-04 ago added Tools/isabelle_process.ML;
2007-11-28 ago removed typedecl.ML (cf. object_logic.ML);
2007-11-23 ago separated typedecl module, providing typedecl command with interpretation
2007-11-04 ago removed obsolete ProofGeneral/parsing.ML;
2007-11-04 ago added ProofGeneral/pgml_isabelle.ML;