2010-05-05 ago farewell to old-style mem infixes -- type inference in situations with mem_int and mem_string should provide enough information to resolve the type of (op =)
2010-02-17 ago remove $ from all HOLCF files
2009-10-27 ago eliminated some old folds;
2007-04-04 ago cleaned-up Output functions;
2006-10-04 ago insert replacing ins ins_int ins_string
2006-04-08 ago converted Müller to Mueller to make smlnj 110.58 work
2005-09-03 ago fixed ML errors;
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2001-11-15 ago GPLed;
1998-11-25 ago replaced prs by std_output;
1997-04-30 ago Old ABP files now running under the IOA meta theory based on HOLCF;