2010-05-05 ago farewell to old-style mem infixes -- type inference in situations with mem_int and mem_string should provide enough information to resolve the type of (op =)
2010-03-26 ago tuned white space;
2009-12-09 ago take and drop as projections of chop
2009-11-24 ago curried take/drop
2009-10-26 ago avoid upto if not needed
2009-10-23 ago merged
2009-10-22 ago restored accidentally deleted submultiset
2009-10-22 ago multiset operations with canonical argument order
2009-10-22 ago made SML/NJ happy;
2009-10-22 ago map_range (and map_index) combinator
2009-10-21 ago merged
2009-10-21 ago curried inter as canonical list operation (beware of argument order)
2009-10-21 ago merged
2009-10-21 ago curried union as canonical list operation
2009-10-21 ago removed old-style \ and \\ infixes
2009-10-21 ago dropped redundant gen_ prefix
2009-10-20 ago replaced old_style infixes eq_set, subset, union, inter and variants by generic versions
2009-10-17 ago tuned/moved divide_and_conquer';
2009-10-17 ago indicate CRITICAL nature of various setmp combinators;
2009-09-29 ago Raw ML references as unsynchronized state variables.
2009-08-10 ago added map_transpose
2009-07-25 ago eliminated redundant Library.multiply;
2009-07-10 ago dropped find_index_eq
2009-05-24 ago funpow_yield; tuned
2009-03-18 ago Library.merge/OrdList.union: optimize the important special case where the tables coincide -- NOTE: this changes both the operational behaviour and the result for non-standard eq/ord notion;
2009-03-18 ago made SML/NJ happy
2009-03-17 ago renamed Tactic.taglist/untaglist/orderlist to tag_list/untag_list/order_list (in library.ML);
2009-03-01 ago use long names for old-style fold combinators;
2009-02-13 ago New command find_consts searching for constants by type (by Timothy Bourke).
2008-12-11 ago Clarified comment.
2008-11-10 ago clarified comment
2008-10-09 ago removed legacy |>>>
2008-09-25 ago burrow_fst
2008-09-07 ago added change_result;
2008-09-04 ago Thread.getLocal/setLocal;
2008-08-27 ago replaced find_substring by first_field;
2008-08-27 ago added find_substring;
2008-08-13 ago removed obsolete untabify (superceded by SymbolPos.tabify_content);
2008-03-27 ago changed wrong assignement in signature sections
2008-03-27 ago tuned comments;
2008-02-16 ago setmp: uninterruptible;
2008-01-26 ago added surround;
2008-01-22 ago added map_split
2008-01-03 ago added setmp_thread_data;
2008-01-01 ago removed separate exists/forall code;
2007-12-18 ago serial: now based on specific version in structure Multithreading;
2007-12-17 ago Added foldl1.
2007-12-05 ago tuned signature;
2007-12-05 ago map_product and fold_product
2007-10-29 ago added bool_ord;
2007-10-16 ago added yield_singleton
2007-10-16 ago added perhaps_apply/loop;
2007-10-11 ago removed obsolete flip;
2007-10-05 ago added burrow_options;
2007-10-04 ago added nth_drop
2007-09-18 ago simplified type int (eliminated, integer);
2007-09-16 ago added some int constraints (ML_Parse.fix_ints not active here);
2007-08-03 ago named some CRITICAL sections;
2007-07-29 ago added list update;
2007-07-28 ago setmp: NAMED_CRITICAL;