2011-07-11 ago tuned XML.Cache parameters;
2011-06-23 ago explicit import java.lang.System to prevent odd scope problems;
2010-08-30 ago tuned;
2010-08-28 ago XML.Cache: intern property keys once and for all (again);
2010-08-19 ago tuned XML.content: Stream based iteration is supposed to be declarative *and* efficient;
2010-08-16 ago XML.Cache: pipe-lined (thread-safe) version using actor;
2010-08-11 ago more uniform XML/YXML string_of_body/string_of_tree;
2010-08-10 ago type XML.Body as basic data representation language (Scala version);
2010-08-10 ago tuned;
2010-08-08 ago cache_string: store trimmed string value;
2010-08-07 ago simplified some Markup;
2010-08-07 ago simplified type XML.Tree: embed Markup directly, avoid slightly odd triple;
2010-05-11 ago more precise pretty printing based on actual font metrics;
2010-05-06 ago added content_length;
2010-03-30 ago recovered StringBuilder functionality after subtle change of + and ++ in Scala 2.8.0 Beta 1;
2010-03-29 ago adapted to Scala 2.8.0 Beta1 -- with notable changes to scala.collection;
2010-01-11 ago incorporate "proofdocument" part into main Isabelle/Pure.jar -- except for html_panel.scala, which depends on external library (Lobo/Cobra browser);
2009-12-18 ago tuned;
2009-12-18 ago markup bad YXML as malformed;
2009-12-18 ago tuned signature;
2009-12-17 ago cache for partial sharing;
2009-12-10 ago added get_data;
2009-12-10 ago sealed XML.Tree;
2009-12-07 ago toString: more robust handling of null;
2009-12-06 ago added auxiliary constructors;
2009-12-04 ago added document_node;
2008-12-29 ago tuned;
2008-12-29 ago override toString method;
2008-12-19 ago removed Ids;
2008-08-26 ago tuned append;
2008-08-23 ago refer to symbolic Markup;
2008-08-23 ago tuned;
2008-08-23 ago renamed DOM to document, add xml version and optional stylesheets;
2008-08-22 ago tuned comments;
2008-08-21 ago tuned comment;
2008-08-21 ago added iterator over content;
2008-08-17 ago Minimalistic XML tree values.