1995-06-01 ago Added dependence on Thy/thm_database.ML
1995-04-06 ago Added Id: line
1995-03-15 ago Now the "use" call has an exception handler, for prompt failure
1994-08-19 ago replaced sextension.ML by syn_trans.ML;
1994-06-09 ago added axclass.ML, Syntax/mixfix.ML, Thy/thy_syn.ML;
1994-06-01 ago Improved error messages
1994-06-01 ago reflected changes in the structure of Thy
1994-01-19 ago changed SYNTAX_FILES;
1994-01-11 ago removed Syntax/parse_tree.ML;
1993-10-15 ago added parser.ML, install_pp.ML
1993-09-16 ago Initial revision