1995-03-15 ago Declares the function exit_use to behave like use but fail if
1994-08-18 ago Pure/library/assert_all: new, moved from ZF/ind_syntax.ML
1994-08-12 ago Pure/library/enclose, Pure/Syntax/pretty/enclose: renamed from parents
1994-06-01 ago replaced infix also by |>
1994-05-19 ago added infix op also: 'a * ('a -> 'b) -> 'b;
1994-02-08 ago added eq_set;
1994-02-03 ago added if_none, parents, commas, gen_duplicates, duplicates, assoc2;
1994-01-20 ago removed square and fact
1994-01-19 ago major cleanup and reorganisation;
1993-12-29 ago added sys_error;
1993-11-30 ago changed split_filename, remove_ext;
1993-11-29 ago added equal, not_equal: ''a -> ''a -> bool
1993-10-08 ago added cons, rcons, last_elem, sort_strings, take_suffix;
1993-10-05 ago added functions that operate on filenames: split_filename (originally located
1993-09-16 ago Initial revision