1995-03-17 ago Corrected a silly old bug in merge_tsigs.
1995-03-13 ago Changed treatment of during type inference internally generated type
1994-09-26 ago improved expand_typ (now handles TVars);
1994-09-06 ago Pure/type/unvarifyT: moved there from logic.ML
1994-09-06 ago added ext_tsig_types;
1994-08-19 ago slightly changed args of infer_types;
1994-07-06 ago added raw_unify;
1994-06-16 ago added ext_tsig_subclass, ext_tsig_defsort;
1994-06-09 ago restored functor sig;
1994-05-26 ago replaced "logic" by logicC;
1994-02-03 ago (this is a preliminary release)
1993-12-21 ago Necessary changes to accomodate type abbreviations.
1993-12-06 ago added rep_tsig
1993-11-29 ago added logical_types
1993-09-16 ago Initial revision