1996-02-19 ago Introduced normalize_thm into HOL.ML
1996-02-15 ago Added a few thms and the new theory RelPow.
1996-02-01 ago renamed subtype.ML to typedef.ML
1995-11-21 ago removed make_chart
1995-11-17 ago changed simpset of "HOL"
1995-10-25 ago Added various thms and tactics.
1995-10-24 ago added calls of init_html and make_chart
1995-10-06 ago added 8bit pragmas
1995-10-04 ago added local simpsets; removed IOA from 'make test'
1995-06-29 ago renamed CHOL to HOL
1995-04-10 ago ROOT.ML: installed new hyp_subst_tac
1995-03-03 ago new version of HOL with curried function application