2014-03-25 ago added command 'SML_file' for Standard ML without Isabelle/ML add-ons;
2014-03-12 ago tuned signature -- clarified module name;
2014-03-01 ago clarified language markup: added "delimited" property;
2014-01-25 ago simplified inner syntax;
2014-01-22 ago avoid breakdown of document preparation, which does not understand cartouche tokens yet;
2014-01-22 ago more cartouche examples, including uniform nesting of sub-languages;
2014-01-19 ago implicit "cartouche" method (experimental, undocumented);
2014-01-19 ago more examples;
2014-01-18 ago proper \<newline>;
2014-01-18 ago support for nested text cartouches;