2014-03-25 ago added command 'SML_file' for Standard ML without Isabelle/ML add-ons;
2014-03-18 ago clarified bootstrap process: switch to ML with context and antiquotations earlier;
2012-08-29 ago renamed Position.str_of to;
2010-04-16 ago proper masking of dummy name_space;
2010-04-16 ago proper checking of ML functors (in Poly/ML 5.2 or later);
2009-11-08 ago adapted Generic_Data, Proof_Data;
2009-06-06 ago tuned comments;
2009-06-04 ago eliminated costly registration of tokens;
2009-06-01 ago tuned signature;
2009-06-01 ago maintain tokens within common ML environment;
2009-06-01 ago moved local ML environment to separate module ML_Env;