2010-09-06 ago more antiquotations;
2010-04-23 ago mark schematic statements explicitly;
2010-03-13 ago removed old CVS Ids;
2008-06-14 ago proper context for tactics derived from res_inst_tac;
2006-11-17 ago more robust syntax for definition/abbreviation/notation;
2006-11-07 ago renamed 'const_syntax' to 'notation';
2006-06-02 ago tuned;
2006-06-02 ago removed obsolete ML files;
2005-09-16 ago converted to Isar theory format;
2001-11-09 ago eliminated old "symbols" syntax, use "xsymbols" instead;
2000-11-14 ago x-symbol support for Pi, Sigma, -->, : (membership)
1997-10-10 ago fixed dots;
1996-02-05 ago expanded tabs
1993-09-16 ago Initial revision