2012-09-25 ago basic integration of graphview into document model;
2012-09-24 ago more explicit keyword1/keyword2 markup -- avoid potential conflict with input token markup produced by Token_Marker;
2012-09-20 ago tuned rendering;
2012-09-18 ago more explicit message markup and rendering;
2012-09-14 ago clarified markup names;
2012-09-12 ago avoid spaces in markup names, which might cause problems in boundary situations (e.g. HTML class);
2012-08-31 ago further refinement of command status, to accomodate forked proofs;
2012-08-30 ago refined status of forked goals;
2012-08-11 ago clarified "bad" markup: proper body text, invent missing serial on Scala side (counting backwards);
2012-08-10 ago sneak message into "bad" markup as property -- to be displayed after YXML parsing;
2012-08-10 ago discontinued mostly unused markup for command spans;
2012-08-10 ago more visible markup of malformed input as "bad";
2012-08-07 ago simplified process startup phases: INIT suffices for is_ready;
2012-08-07 ago prefer static Build.session_content for loaded theories -- discontinued incremental protocol;
2012-08-07 ago prefer static Build.outer_syntax in Isabelle/Scala session -- discontinued incremental protocol;
2012-05-29 ago more explicit treatment of return code vs. session phase;
2012-04-07 ago added static command status markup, to emphasize accepted but unassigned/unparsed commands (notably in overview panel);
2012-03-13 ago clarified command state -- markup within proper_range, excluding trailing whitespace;
2012-03-03 ago clarified terminology of raw protocol messages;
2012-02-24 ago clarifed name space "type name", which covers logical and non-logical types, and often occurs inside outer syntax "type" markup;
2012-01-05 ago prefer raw_message for protocol implementation;
2012-01-05 ago prefer raw_message for protocol implementation;
2012-01-05 ago prefer raw_message for protocol implementation;
2011-12-01 ago updated markup conforming to ML side;
2011-11-29 ago clarified Time vs. Timing;
2011-11-29 ago rearranged files;