2005-10-28 ago cleaned up nth, nth_update, nth_map and nth_string functions
2005-09-20 ago tuned;
2005-09-20 ago slight adaptions to library changes
2005-09-13 ago tuned;
2005-09-08 ago introduces some modern-style AList operations
2005-06-21 ago tuned;
2005-06-17 ago accomodate change of TheoryDataFun;
2005-05-17 ago tuned;
2005-04-21 ago superceded by Pure.thy and CPure.thy;
2005-03-04 ago Removed practically all references to Library.foldr.
2005-03-03 ago Move towards standard functions.
2005-02-13 ago Deleted Library.option type.
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2004-03-19 ago Removing the datatype declaration of "order" allows the standard General.order
2002-07-16 ago module now right after ProofContext (for locales);
2002-05-07 ago use eq_thm_prop instead of slightly inadequate eq_thm;
2002-01-17 ago Thm.prop_of;
2001-12-06 ago fixed dest atts;
2001-12-06 ago tuned;
2001-12-05 ago export low-level addXXs;
2001-12-03 ago renamed rule_context.ML to context_rules.ML;