1995-05-11 ago show_sorts
1995-05-03 ago Updates involving defs, addss, etc.
1995-01-24 ago updates for Isabelle94-2
1995-01-13 ago empty_def typo
1994-11-21 ago page 157 erratum
1994-11-18 ago Chnaged simplifier description (lhss)
1994-11-11 ago argument swaps in HOL
1994-09-15 ago now mentions that the sections are available as
1994-09-11 ago Added primrec section
1994-09-09 ago now in a format that could be published
1994-08-04 ago addition of show_brackets
1994-07-27 ago logics update
1994-07-18 ago *** empty log message ***
1994-07-11 ago type constraints
1994-07-11 ago New errata list for the documentation