2 months ago ago added glyph for \<marker>;
5 months ago ago clarified symbol groups;
6 months ago ago use "Isabelle DejaVu" fonts uniformly: Text Area, GUI elements, HTML output etc.;
16 months ago ago support for completion;
16 months ago ago support for completion;
16 months ago ago added glyph from "Deja Vu Sans Mono" font;
16 months ago ago added \<^cancel> operator for unused text;
16 months ago ago more completion templates;
17 months ago ago more robust hyphen (see also "Soft hyphen (SHY) – a hard problem?";
2016-12-13 ago more symbols;
2016-08-30 ago added glyph from "Deja Vu Sans Mono" font;
2016-08-12 ago some icons from Symbola font;
2016-02-27 ago symbol interpretation for \<circle>;
2016-02-04 ago clarified;
2016-01-24 ago discontinued irregular abbrevs: ".o" counts as word, "+o", "*o", "-o" are occasionally used as ASCII notation, "*o" is in conflict with "(*o" in comments;
2016-01-09 ago \<struct> loses its rendering and is superseded by \<diamondop>;
2016-01-01 ago clarified abbrev;
2016-01-01 ago clarified groups, notably for Symbols dockable;
2016-01-01 ago glyphs for \<bind>, \<then>;
2015-12-29 ago simplified abbrevs: exploit ambiguity;
2015-12-29 ago more arrow symbols;
2015-12-29 ago more arrow symbols;
2015-11-12 ago support short form for \<^theory_text>;
2015-11-07 ago added @{undefined} with somewhat undefined symbol;
2015-11-06 ago retain traditional rendering of \<paragraph>;
2015-11-05 ago IsabelleText for unusual symbol;
2015-11-05 ago symbolic syntax "\<comment> text";
2015-11-04 ago document antiquotation @{footnote};
2015-10-21 ago rendering for \<^verbatim>;
2015-10-18 ago clarified control antiquotations: decode control symbol to get name;
2015-10-15 ago unused -- avoid confusion in Symbols dockable;
2015-10-14 ago clarified control symbols;
2015-10-12 ago some control symbols for markup and formatting;
2015-04-08 ago added symbol for \<hole> (from DejaVuSansMono and DejaVuSansMono-Bold version 2.34);
2014-05-24 ago receovered alternative abbrevs for \<open> \<close> from 8e8243975860, to accommodate national keyboard layouts where "`" might be hard to produce;
2014-04-15 ago clarified abbreviations for cartouche delimiters, to work in any context;
2014-04-06 ago removed abbrev "<-" again (see c771f0fe28d1) due to conflict with important "<->" and "<-->";
2014-04-03 ago more symbol abbrevs, e.g. relevant for list comprehension in HOL/List.thy or HOL/Library/Monad_Syntax.thy;
2014-02-27 ago more symbol abbrevs to support HOL library maintenance;
2014-02-17 ago always show PIDE positions as \<here> (0x002302 "House" from DejaVuSansMono);
2014-01-19 ago group symbols;
2014-01-18 ago support for nested text cartouches;
2014-01-15 ago added \<newline> symbol, which is used for char/string literals in HOL;
2013-08-31 ago uniform abbrevs for left/right arrows;
2013-08-31 ago more abbrevs according to Isabelle/HOL ASCII replacement syntax;
2013-08-31 ago added common alternative for == (its ambiguity also avoids conflict with ==>);
2013-08-30 ago single-letter abbrev does not make sense -- too many candidates;
2013-08-30 ago fewer conflicts -- adhoc resolution of == vs. ==> via unicode (!) image;
2013-08-30 ago more symbol abbrevs;
2013-08-30 ago misc tuning -- reduce conflicts;
2013-08-30 ago more symbol abbrevs, based on ProofGeneral-4.2/isar/isar-unicode-tokens.el and traditional Isabelle/HOL ASCII replacement syntax;
2013-08-28 ago complete symbols only in backslash forms -- less intrusive editing, greater chance of finding escape sequence in text;
2013-08-25 ago discontinued rendering of obsolete \<onesuperior>, \<twosuperior>, \<threesuperior>;
2013-08-18 ago discontinued redundant abbreviations -- Isabelle/jEdit provides keyboard shortcuts already;
2013-08-13 ago discontinued special treatment of \<^isub> and \<^isup> in rendering or editor front-end;
2012-11-24 ago more robust font for control symbols, to ensure these obscure codepoints are properly rendered;
2012-11-24 ago tuned symbol groups;
2012-11-24 ago tuned symbol groups;
2012-11-21 ago clarified symbol groups, despite this traditional arrangement in X-symbol grid;
2012-11-20 ago some grouping of Isabelle symbols, based on X-Symbol grid in PG- and a proposal by Fabian Immler;