2013-07-18 ago explicit padding on command boundary for "auto" generated sendback -- do not replace the corresponding goal command, but append to it;
2012-12-10 ago generalized notion of active area, where sendback is just one application;
2012-11-22 ago more abstract Sendback operations, with explicit id/exec_id properties;
2012-10-10 ago more explicit namespace prefix for 'statespace' -- duplicate facts;
2011-11-28 ago separate module for concrete Isabelle markup;
2011-11-07 ago more benchmarks;
2011-11-06 ago some statespace benchmarks;
2011-11-06 ago tuned document;
2011-03-13 ago tuned headers;
2010-08-27 ago modernized specifications;
2009-01-16 ago migrated class package to new locale implementation
2008-12-19 ago Merged.
2008-12-18 ago adapted statespace module to new locales;
2008-12-16 ago More porting to new locales.
2008-10-16 ago More occurrences of 'includes' gone.
2007-10-24 ago added Statespace library