2010-05-27 ago indicate prospective properties;
2010-05-27 ago Command.toString: include id for debugging;
2010-05-22 ago separate event bus and dockable for raw output (stdout);
2010-05-22 ago ignore system messages;
2010-05-21 ago bad_result: report fully explicit message;
2010-05-15 ago renamed Outer_Keyword to Keyword (in Scala);
2010-05-10 ago ignore spurious TIMEOUT messages, maybe caused by change of actor semantics in scala-2.8;
2010-05-06 ago extractors for document updates;
2010-05-05 ago some rearrangement of Scala sources;
2010-02-06 ago fixed spelling;
2010-01-11 ago incorporate "proofdocument" part into main Isabelle/Pure.jar -- except for html_panel.scala, which depends on external library (Lobo/Cobra browser);