2010-01-06 ago simplified build/bootstrap of Isabelle/Scala components -- avoid make;
2009-05-31 ago removed "compress" option from isabelle-process and isabelle usedir -- this is always enabled;
2009-03-20 ago uniform ml_prompts for RAW and Pure;
2009-03-19 ago RAW: provide dummy Isar.main to make tty work gracefully (with ML toplevel);
2009-03-02 ago removed Ids;
2008-10-04 ago replaced ISABELLE by ISABELLE_PROCESS;
2007-01-04 ago tuned msg;
2007-01-04 ago removed obsolete option -C;
2006-10-01 ago reverted to revision 1.28;
2006-09-28 ago added share_data (dummy);
2005-12-01 ago replaced lib/scripts/showtime by more advanced lib/scripts/timestart|stop.bash;
2005-06-11 ago pass ml_platform;
2005-05-31 ago tuned msg;
2005-04-21 ago removed tracing info
2005-04-20 ago Removed remaining references to Main.thy in reconstruction code.
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2001-07-02 ago #!/usr/bin/env bash;
2001-01-16 ago isabelle -f;
2000-09-28 ago support copy option;
2000-09-01 ago GPLed;
2000-03-08 ago pass -c option;
1999-08-19 ago improved messages;
1999-08-18 ago tuned messages;
1999-02-05 ago more robust RC;
1999-02-03 ago tuned msg;
1997-12-28 ago improved error handling;
1997-12-28 ago stderr to $LOG;
1997-12-19 ago log file;
1997-10-06 ago RAW target;
1997-07-07 ago eliminated chmod -w;
1997-05-06 ago fixed ISABELLE_OUTPUT, ISABELLE_PATH (finally?);
1997-04-25 ago removed -c option;
1997-03-07 ago renamed SYSTEM to RAW_ML_SYSTEM;
1997-01-07 ago minor tuning;
1996-12-18 ago minor modifications to accomodate IsaMakefile;
1996-12-16 ago now passes ML_SYSTEM as ml_system;
1996-12-09 ago *** empty log message ***
1996-12-09 ago mk - build Pure Isabelle.