2009-01-16 ago moved message markup into Scala layer -- reduced redundancy;
2009-01-15 ago Result.toString: XML output of status messages;
2008-12-29 ago tuned;
2008-12-29 ago tuned;
2008-12-29 ago explicit EventBus for results;
2008-12-27 ago refined execute, which replaces exec/exec2;
2008-12-27 ago proper class IsabelleSystem -- no longer static;
2008-12-19 ago removed Ids;
2008-10-04 ago ISABELLE_PROCESS commandline;
2008-10-04 ago eliminated prompt messages;
2008-10-04 ago added isabelle_tool version as basic integrity check of platform/distribution;
2008-09-24 ago protocol change: remapped message codes to make room for nested system messages (e.g. for protocol proxy);
2008-09-19 ago output_sync is now public;
2008-08-29 ago IsabelleSystem.mk_fifo, IsabelleSystem.rm_fifo;
2008-08-28 ago moved charset to isabelle_system.scala;
2008-08-28 ago join stdout/stderr, eliminated Kind.STDERR;
2008-08-25 ago moved new Symbol.Interpretation into plugin;
2008-08-25 ago simplified exceptions: use plain error function / RuntimeException;
2008-08-25 ago added try_result;
2008-08-24 ago Kind: added is_control;
2008-08-23 ago moved class Result into static object, removed dynamic tree method;
2008-08-23 ago YXML.parse_failsafe;
2008-08-23 ago use java.util.concurrent.LinkedBlockingQueue, which blocks as required;
2008-08-23 ago Isabelle process management -- always reactive due to multi-threaded I/O.