2008-10-04 ago simplified main Isabelle executables: removed Isabelle and isabelle (replaced by isabelle-process), renamed isatool to isabelle;
2007-10-01 ago tuned;
2005-09-21 ago updated for Isabelle2005;
2005-07-01 ago isatool install: removed KDE option;
2005-06-20 ago ./configure obsolete on virtually all systems, but apt to cause problems;
2003-05-13 ago HOL-Real -> HOL-Complex
2003-05-12 ago removed references to KDE versions (works for any).
2001-02-14 ago isatool install -k;
2000-09-26 ago simplified;
2000-09-20 ago tuned rpm command lines;
2000-09-19 ago updated;
2000-09-11 ago tuned;
2000-05-05 ago updated;
1999-04-22 ago tuned;
1999-04-13 ago adapted isatool install;
1999-03-10 ago tuned;
1999-02-08 ago no deps on compile time sources;
1998-08-27 ago tuned;
1998-08-27 ago isatool install;
1997-11-20 ago removed old note;
1997-05-23 ago tuned;
1997-05-20 ago tuned;
1997-05-06 ago tuned;
1997-03-07 ago tuned;
1997-03-07 ago Isabelle installation notes;