2008-09-26 ago clarified function transformator interface
2008-09-25 ago clarifed redundancy policy
2008-09-25 ago (temporary workaround)
2008-09-25 ago non left-linear equations for nbe
2008-09-05 ago different bookkeeping for code equations
2008-08-28 ago restructured and split code serializer module
2008-08-24 ago corrected cache handling for class operations
2008-07-21 ago added explicit purge_data
2008-07-15 ago tuned code theorem bookkeeping
2008-07-14 ago dropped junk
2008-07-14 ago simpsets as pre/postprocessors; generic preprocessor now named function transformators
2008-05-23 ago explicit type schemes for functions
2008-05-18 ago moved global pretty/string_of functions from Sign to Syntax;
2008-05-17 ago structure Display: less pervasive operations;
2008-03-28 ago Context.>> : operate on Context.generic;
2008-03-27 ago eliminated delayed theory setup
2008-01-31 ago explicit del_funcs
2008-01-25 ago print postprocessor equations
2007-12-10 ago moved instance parameter management from class.ML to axclass.ML
2007-11-29 ago dropped dead code
2007-11-28 ago tuned interfaces of class module
2007-11-23 ago rudimentary instantiation target
2007-11-06 ago clarified merge
2007-10-11 ago removed obsolete AxClass.params_of_class;
2007-10-09 ago renamed AxClass.get_definition to AxClass.get_info (again);
2007-10-04 ago replaced literal 'a by Name.aT;
2007-10-04 ago certificates for code generator case expressions
2007-10-04 ago clarified terminology
2007-09-26 ago Sign.minimize/complete_sort;
2007-09-20 ago more permissive
2007-09-18 ago distinction between regular and default code theorems
2007-09-15 ago tuned
2007-08-24 ago overloaded definitions accompanied by explicit constants
2007-08-15 ago tuned
2007-08-10 ago new structure for code generator modules