2011-12-01 ago clarified modules (again) -- NB: both Document and Protocol are specific to this particular prover;
2011-11-29 ago clarified modules;
2011-11-28 ago renamed Isabelle_Markup to Isabelle_Rendering to emphasize its meaning and make room for Pure Isabelle_Markup module;
2011-09-27 ago proper platform_file_url;
2011-09-27 ago observe base URL of rendered document;
2011-09-20 ago more careful treatment of initial update, similar to output panel;
2011-09-19 ago double clicks switch to document node buffer;
2011-09-19 ago tuned;
2011-09-19 ago explicit border independent of UI (cf. ad5883642a83, 2bec3b7514cf);
2011-09-18 ago additional space for borderless UI;
2011-09-18 ago more robust treatment of empty insets (NB: border may be null on some UIs, e.g. Windows);
2011-09-18 ago graph traversal in topological order;
2011-09-17 ago more precise painting;
2011-09-17 ago more elaborate Node_Renderer, which paints node_name.theory only;
2011-09-10 ago stronger colors (as background);
2011-09-10 ago some color scheme for theory status;
2011-09-10 ago some keyboard shortcuts for important actions;
2011-09-10 ago explicit jEdit actions -- to enable key mappings, for example;
2011-09-07 ago added "check" button: adhoc change to full buffer perspective;
2011-09-07 ago added "cancel" button based on cancel_execution, not interrupt (cf. 156be0e43336);
2011-09-06 ago more specific message channels to avoid potential bottle-neck of raw_messages;
2011-09-03 ago some support to prune_history;
2011-09-01 ago sort wrt. theory name;
2011-09-01 ago more flexible sorting;
2011-09-01 ago more abstract Document.Node.Name;
2011-08-31 ago crude display of node status;
2011-08-31 ago some support for theory status overview;
2011-08-20 ago discontinued "Interrupt", which could disturb administrative tasks of the document model;
2011-08-19 ago editable raw text areas: allow user to clear content;
2011-07-09 ago echo prover input via raw_messages, for improved protocol tracing;
2011-07-04 ago quasi-static Isabelle_System -- reduced tendency towards "functorial style";
2011-06-30 ago prefer Isabelle path algebra;
2011-06-23 ago explicit import java.lang.System to prevent odd scope problems;
2011-06-08 ago moved sources -- eliminated Netbeans artifact of jedit package directory;