2013-09-04 ago some explicit indication of Proof General legacy;
2013-05-17 ago tuned signature -- emphasize thread creation here;
2012-07-18 ago use async manager to manage MaSh learners to make sure they get killed cleanly
2012-05-21 ago tuning
2012-04-18 ago display more messages, now that more provers are run by default
2011-11-18 ago less offensive terminology
2011-08-10 ago more explicit Simple_Thread.interrupt_unsynchronized, to emphasize its meaning;
2011-05-30 ago better merging of similar outputs
2011-05-27 ago use helpers and tweak Quickcheck's priority to it comes second (to give Solve Direct slightly more time before another prover runs)
2011-05-27 ago merge timeout messages from several ATPs into one message to avoid clutter
2010-12-07 ago load "try" after "Metis" and move "Async_Manager" back to Sledgehammer