2010-05-28 ago reuse main view.font from jEdit;
2010-05-22 ago tuned;
2010-05-22 ago rendering information and style sheets via settings;
2010-05-21 ago observe additional isabelle-jedit.css for component and user;
2010-05-21 ago HTML_Panel.handler as overridable method;
2010-05-21 ago more systematic treatment of internal state, which belongs strictly to the main actor, not the Swing thread;
2010-05-20 ago mutate displayed document synchronously in Swing thread, for improved robustness;
2010-05-20 ago read style sheets only once;
2010-05-20 ago handle component resize for output / HTML panel;
2010-05-20 ago determine margin just before rendering -- proper reformatting when updating;
2010-05-20 ago more systematic treatment of physical document wrt. font size etc.;
2010-05-20 ago tuned;
2010-05-20 ago general Isabelle_System.try_read;
2010-05-12 ago clarified Pretty.font_metrics;
2010-05-12 ago format as topmost list of "divs", not just adjacent "spans" -- for proper line breaking;
2010-05-11 ago more precise pretty printing based on actual font metrics;
2010-05-11 ago support Isabelle plugin properties with defaults;
2010-05-10 ago font size re-adjustment according to Lobo internals;
2010-05-08 ago tuned headers;
2010-05-07 ago output symbolic pretty printing markup and format in the front end;
2010-03-30 ago adapted to Scala 2.8.0 Beta 1;
2010-01-11 ago incorporate "proofdocument" part into main Isabelle/Pure.jar -- except for html_panel.scala, which depends on external library (Lobo/Cobra browser);