2010-08-27 ago renamed class/constant eq to equal; tuned some instantiations
2010-06-18 ago avoid Scala legacy operations
2010-06-01 ago added Scala code setup
2009-10-27 ago added implode and explode
2009-09-23 ago Code_Eval(uation)
2009-05-06 ago confine term setup to Eval serialiser
2009-05-06 ago confine term setup to Eval serialiser
2009-03-23 ago Main is (Complex_Main) base entry point in library theories
2009-02-20 ago dropped Id
2008-09-25 ago discontinued special treatment of op = vs. eq_class.eq
2008-09-16 ago a sophisticated char/nibble conversion combinator
2008-09-16 ago evaluation using code generator
2008-09-02 ago distributed literal code generation out of central infrastructure
2008-09-01 ago restructured code generation of literals
2008-08-28 ago restructured and split code serializer module
2008-07-07 ago absolute imports of HOL/*.thy theories
2008-06-26 ago established Plain theory and image
2008-01-25 ago improved code theorem setup
2007-10-12 ago added