2010-04-25 ago fix duplicate simp rule warnings
2010-04-24 ago fix imports
2009-12-16 ago swap_self already declared [simp]
2009-11-16 ago removed hassize predicate
2009-10-22 ago inv_onto -> inv_into
2009-10-18 ago merged
2009-10-18 ago Inv -> inv_onto, inv abbr. inv_onto UNIV.
2009-10-17 ago eliminated hard tabulators, guessing at each author's individual tab-width;
2009-08-31 ago tuned the simp rules for Int involving insert and intervals.
2009-03-23 ago Main is (Complex_Main) base entry point in library theories
2009-03-12 ago remove trailing spaces
2009-03-04 ago removed old/broken CVS Ids;
2009-03-04 ago Merge.
2009-03-04 ago Merge.
2009-02-23 ago explicitly import Fact
2009-02-20 ago generalize lemmas from nat to 'a::wellorder
2009-02-20 ago generalize some lemmas
2009-02-09 ago Permutations, both general and specifically on finite sets.