2014-07-23 ago clarified module name: facilitate alternative GUI frameworks;
2014-05-21 ago more uniform Font_Info.Zoom_Box;
2014-05-06 ago tuned GUI for Windows L&F;
2014-05-06 ago tuned GUI layout;
2014-04-26 ago uniform focus traversal via TAB / Shift-TAB for all fields, in contrast to Java defaults, but in accordance to occasional jEdit practice;
2014-04-19 ago clarified tooltip_lines: HTML.encode already takes care of newline (but not space);
2014-01-10 ago more robust;
2014-01-09 ago access X11 window manager;
2013-12-09 ago alternative hires icon;
2013-12-05 ago uniform use of transparent icons, as for main "apps";
2013-12-01 ago more isabelle logos (from isabelle.ico);
2013-11-30 ago prefer 32x32 icon like jedit (image from isabelle.ico);
2013-11-06 ago less tiny font for search criteria;
2013-09-24 ago more quasi-generic PIDE modules (NB: Swing/JFX needs to be kept separate from non-GUI material);
2013-09-24 ago simplified default L&F -- Nimbus should be always available and GTK+ is not fully working yet;
2013-09-24 ago proper platform-specific test;
2013-09-24 ago disable standard behaviour of Mac OS X text field (i.e. select-all after focus gain) in order to make completion work more smoothly;
2013-09-22 ago tuned;
2013-09-22 ago tuned signature;
2013-09-22 ago clarified location of GUI modules (which depend on Swing of JFX);